The Society

The Society for Progress is an academically diverse and independent group of scholars and leaders. Its work is based on the belief that integrating perspectives from moral and social philosophy will help evolve the decentralized economic system (“capitalism”) in a manner that better integrates market and society, humans and nature, and the present and the future. In particular, the Society aspires to contribute to and catalyze rigorous research on how enterprises and economies may better and more systematically integrate performance and progress (see Performance & Progress: Essays in Business, Society, and Capitalism, Oxford University Press, 2015). The work ahead of developing better models, methods, and measures for integrating performance and progress can scarcely be accomplished by one mind or even a college of intellectuals. Contributions must come from the best and brightest around the world, and the ideas must be absorbed and developed further not just by policy makers and intellectuals but especially by scholars of enterprise, students of enterprise, and leaders of enterprise. It is in this spirit that the Society for Progress Medals were conceived.

The Society for Progress was initiated in 2013 by Subramanian Rangan, professor of strategy and management at INSEAD, the global business school. The school, through its partnership with the Abu Dhabi Education Council, has supported the research, meetings, and activities of the Society. INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov, a Princeton trained macro-economist, affirms the initiative resonates with the evolving roles of business and business schools. “If science must be a force for truth, business must be a force for good,” he notes. “This research will support the development of leaders and entrepreneurs with competence and character.”

Philosophy Scholars

  • Elizabeth Anderson (Michigan)
  • K. Anthony Appiah (NYU)
  • Michael Fuerstein (St. Olaf)
  • Philip Kitcher (Columbia)
  • Susan Neiman (Einstein Forum)
  • Philip Pettit (Princeton, Australian National University)
  • Mathias Risse (Harvard)
  • David Schmidtz (Arizona)
  • Amartya Sen (Harvard)
  • Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota)

Social Science Scholars

  • Kenneth J. Arrow (Stanford), 2013–2017
  • David Autor (MIT)
  • Jay B. Barney (Utah)
  • Julie Battilana (Harvard)
  • Gerald Davis (Michigan)
  • Robert H. Frank (Cornell)
  • Harrison Hong (Columbia)
  • James G. March (Stanford), 2013–2018
  • John W. Meyer (Stanford)
  • Hilke Plassmann (INSEAD)
  • Subramanian Rangan (INSEAD)
  • James P. Walsh (Michigan)

Business Leaders & Others

  • Rabih Abouchakra (Director, Office of Strategic Affairs, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court)
  • Bertrand Collomb (Honorary Chairman, Lafarge, France), 2013–2019
  • Ravi Kailas (Founder and Chairman, Mytrah Group, India)
  • Ramón Mendiola (CEO, Florida Ice & Farm Company, Costa Rica)
  • S. D. Shibulal (Co-founder and former CEO, Infosys, India)
  • Jim H. Snabe (Former co-CEO, SAP; board member Allianz, Siemens, World Economic Forum)

SFP Founding Director

  • Ebba Hansmeyer


Rabih Abouchakra Rabih Abouchakra Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi
Elizabeth Anderson Elizabeth Anderson University of Michigan
Kenneth J. Arrow Kenneth J. Arrow Stanford University, SFP 2013–2017
K. Anthony Appiah K. Anthony Appiah New York University
David Autor David Autor MIT
Jay B. Barney Jay B. Barney University of Utah
Julie Battilana Julie Battilana Harvard University
Joshua Cohen Joshua Cohen UC Berkeley
Bertrand Collomb Bertrand Collomb Lafarge, SFP 2013–2019
Gerald Davis Gerald Davis University of Michigan
Robert H. Frank Robert H. Frank Cornell University
Michael Fuerstein Michael Fuerstein St. Olaf College
Harrison Hong Harrison Hong Columbia University
Ravi Kailas Ravi Kailas Mytrah Group
Philip Kitcher Philip Kitcher Columbia University
James G. March James G. March Stanford University, SFP 2013–2018
Ramón Mendiola Ramón Mendiola Florida Ice & Farm Company
John W. Meyer John W. Meyer Stanford University
Susan Neiman Susan Neiman Einstein Forum
Philip Pettit Philip Pettit Princeton University
Hilke Plassmann Hilke Plassmann INSEAD
Subramanian Rangan Subramanian Rangan INSEAD
Mathias Risse Mathias Risse Harvard University
David Schmidtz David Schmidtz University of Arizona
Amartya Sen Amartya Sen Harvard University
S. D. Shibulal S. D. Shibulal Infosys
Jim H. Snabe Jim H. Snabe SAP
Valerie Tiberius Valerie Tiberius University of Minnesota
James P. Walsh James P. Walsh University of Michigan
Ebba Hansmeyer Ebba Hansmeyer SFP Founding Director
Nayla Sarieddine Nayla Sarieddine SFP Strategic Advisor